Transportation at Auckland Airport

Buses, Taxis, Trains, Shuttles & Car Rentals
The Auckland Airport ensures that travelers to and from New Zealand are guaranteed some form of transportation to help people get from one place to another. Here are some of the ways by which you can make it to the airport on time so that you do not miss your flight.
The bus service in Auckland is the most convenient mode of public transport to the airport at any time during the day or night. Buses come on a regular basis from different parts of Auckland to the airport. For those who are staying in the city, there is the Airbus Express service that takes travelers to and from the airport. The Airbus Express takes travelers straight into Auckland's CBD. There are different bus stops on the way to the airport and back.  These stops are located on Queen street as the bus moves towards its final destination – the Ferry Terminal. Here, travelers can then take the Ferry, bus or train to different parts of the city.
There are two routes in which this Airbus operates on. The first route takes you through Mt. Eden Road and the second will take you through Dominion Road. Both roads will connect to the central part of the city where Mt. Albert, Mt. Eden Village, Mt. Roskill, Sandrigham, Newton and Grafton are situated. There are Airbus Ticket Kiosks near the bus stops where travelers have to purchase their tickets. For those who do not wish to wait in the line for a ticket can pre-book their tickets online at The tickets for a one way pass either to the airport or back is $16. If you are not able to recognize any of the Airbus Express buses, do not worry, they are the only service that has bright blue buses.
There are also bus services from different parts of New Zealand to the airport. These places include Manukau, Botany/Pakuranga and Northshore. There is a 30-minute bus service from Auckland Airport to Manukau City. The first bus from Manukau city to the airport is at 4:15am and the last bus is at 11:30pm. You can also buy your tickets from the driver for the Papatoetoe train which goes in both directions. You can easily recognize this bus as it is Orange. Within the airport, there is an inter-terminal bus shuttle that takes passengers between the international and domestic terminals.
The taxi service in Auckland is the next best alternative for your traveling needs. There are three taxi/shuttle companies that are licensed to take you to the airport from any part of Auckland – Auckland Tax Co-op, Corporate Cabs and Super Shuttle. These taxi and shuttle services are available near the arrival doors (door 8) outside the International Terminal. The taxi service in the domestic terminal is located outside the Jetstar forecourt. All taxis and shuttles can be pre-booked as well. The price for one-way from the airport to the city ranges between $75-$90 for both taxis and Shuttles. In order to pre-book your taxi or get specific details on the pricing, visit the companies online website to do so.
Rental Cars
This is a great option for those people who prefer to drive than to be driven. These car rental services are located next to the arrivals area on the ground floor of the International Terminal. For Domestic travelers who are looking for a rental car will find the different operators located on the ground floor of the multi-level parking building. Travelers are required to have certain documents such as a valid license ID and passport to rent a car. These cars are high-quality and it will definitely make your stay in the city, a very memorable one. Most of the cars that are given as rentals are equipped with GPS navigation so that travelers will not get lost within the city. Another reason why you should rent a car instead of using public transportation is because there are many benefits that you get from it. One of which is that you are given the chance to go wherever you want around the city. Some of the rental car operators that are present at the airport include AVIS, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Thrifty.