Auckland Airport Services

Document Services
At the Auckland Airport, you will have no troubles in getting your documents in order as we have a special counter on the Ground Floor of the International Terminal that will do it for you. Smartecarte is located opposite to the the Qantas business Check and provides Online VISA application services, printing of itineraries, faxing, scanning and copying services as well.
Emperor Lounge
For all International travelers, the Emperor lounge is a serene location at the airport for passengers that wish to relax and unwind before their long haul. The lounge has a buffet, Wireless internet and showers which caters to all the personal needs of the traveler. Travelers are expected to wear smart casuals or business attire at the Lounge and large groups will be admitted at the discretion of the lounge manager.
Baggage Services
Smartecarte also provides baggage services to all travelers who would want to store their luggage or have them wrapped. For those travelers that exceed the luggage allowance limit on their flight need not to worry as Smartecarte also provides courier services which will send your excess baggage right to your doorstep.
Information Services
If you have any questions or doubts about the airport or your flight information, please feel free to approach our highly trained hospitality ambassadors. They are dressed in blue jackets which makes it easier for you to spot them. You can also approach the Tourism Auckland i-SITE Visitor Center for any information on exclusive rates for bookings of transport, accommodation and activities in and around Auckland.
Wireless Internet
The entire airport is WiFi connected which means that travelers can have access to the Internet at all times while they are waiting for their flight. The first 30 minutes after registering with the hotspot is free and usage post that time will be charged.
Lost Property
If at any point you lose your baggage or personal items at the airport, you can visit the lost property section located behind Check-in counter 54 and 55 for any information.
Medical Services
Travelers that require medical attention can visit the first aid room or dial 98777 on any of the airport phones in the terminal. You can also get full medical and healthcare services from trained specialists at the Airport Doctors located in the Airport Shopping Center.

Updated October 2013. Information is subject to change at any time.