Parking at Auckland Airport

Park & Ride
Park & Ride is Auckland Airport's low cost parking services for all travelers. With over 800 car spaces, travelers need not worry about pre-booking a parking space. The facilities are open 24 hours a day, all through the week. There is a bus service that will shuttle travelers between the parking lot to the terminals every 15 minutes. There will also be a bus that will pick up guests staying at the Ibis Budget Hotel.
Business Parking at the Domestic Terminal
Business Travelers who are flying domestically can make use of the exclusive business parking section of the multi-level car park. Travelers can use their credit cards to pay for their business parking space using SmartPay. Travelers need only to swipe their credit card before entering and re-swipe while exiting and based on the duration, a certain amount will be debited to the credit card – it's quick & easy.
Parking Tariffs
Travelers using the Domestic terminal are charged parking fees for covered and uncovered spaces. The first 10 minutes for all parking spaces, except for Park & Ride, are free of cost. The cost to park your car for one day is $39 for uncovered and $46 for covered. Park & Ride parking charges for a day is $29. At the International Terminal, there are no parking charges for uncovered parking in the short term area. For the long term area, charges start at $4 while Park & Ride starts at $3. Parking for entire day begins at $39 for uncovered parking and $44 for covered and after the third day, there is a daily charge of between $13 and $29 for covered and uncovered parking. Park & Ride begins at $29 for a day and after the third day, the daily amount is $10. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Updated October 2013. Information is subject to change at any time.