Car Rental Depots At Auckland Airport

Car Rental Depots
Renting a car is great option for travelers to get from one place to another in and around Auckland. Travelers are required to show a legitimate ID proof along with their passport and driving license to obtain this service. After that the car rental company will charge the traveler based on the number of days of usage. One of the greatest advantages about car rental companies is that they are friendlier to travelers who have just arrived into the country.
Renting a car will save you on a lot of time and money as most of these companies ensure that their vehicles are equipped with the latest GPS technologies so that you do not lose your way around town. Plus, travelers have a wide range of cars they can rent ranging from coupes to sedans and even SUVs. There are car rental depots situated in Auckland Airport making it easier for travelers to get access to a mode of transportation before they leave the airport. Car rental services are available to both International and Domestic travelers. The main car rental companies that are present in the Airport is Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Thrifty. Travelers that wish to pre-book their rental car can do so by visiting each of these companies website or calling the New Zealand free phone number.
Domestic Terminal
All the car rental companies are located on the ground floor of the Domestic Terminal of Auckland Airport. These car rental companies are located side by side so travelers do not have to go to different parts of the airport in order to find one. For incoming domestic travelers, after you have arrived into the terminal, you will come out of a door that has Arcade games on right hand side and the Wishbone food and beverage outlet on your left hand side.
There are two ways in which you can reach the car rental depot. Once you exit the arrivals door, go towards the Dunkin' Donuts counter at the corner next to the information desk and ATM. You will come to doors 5 and 6 which will lead you to an escalator that takes you to the Business Express Car Park. Keep going straight till you reach the second elevator on your right hand side. Take the elevator and go to the Ground Floor. Once you come of the elevator, the car rental depots are lined up one next to the other with Thrifty being the first depot that you see.
The other way to get to the car rental depot is to take right after you exit the domestic arrivals door where you will reach door number 4 which is located next to the travel and accessories shop, Carry On. Once you have exited the terminal, you will come to a zebra crossing that will take you across three lanes for taxis and shuttles. After the third lane you will have to go left and then walk on another zebra crossing where you will reach the Car Rental Depot with Budget being right in front of you.
International Terminal
The car rental depots are located on the ground floor of the International Terminal of Auckland Airport. The best thing about this particular airport is that they have ensured that all the car rental depots are located side by side so that travelers have an easier way of selecting their service. To get to the car rental depots, you will have to exit the door for International Arrivals where you will see a Travelex Foreign Exchange counter right in front of you. On the right hand side against the walls are the car rental depots with Avis being the first car rental company you will come across. Avis, Budget, Europcar and Hertz are located one next to each other while Thrifty is on the other wall next Door 8 and the Relay Book store. 

Updated October 2013. Information is subject to change at any time.